Chase Frishman

AVP Athlete Stats

Rookie Season 2016

Athlete Information

Hometown Laguna Niguel, CA
Height 6'0"
Birthday May 29, 1991

Chase graduated from UCSD in 2013, finishing second in school history in career digs. He sleepwalked his way through a Communication degree and wishes he had applied himself more. Chase is passionate about learning and trying new things. He is so much more than a volleyball player. He prides himself on being a drifter, a writer, a traveler, and a cook. The wind carried him to Rookie of the Year in 2016. His bare feet wandered his way to a career-best 3rd in Hermosa in 2017. The man is a flying sandstorm on the court, a swirling whirling dervish. A passing prodigy. He claims to be a defensive guru, but he’s actually very open to criticism. He is not sure whether the AVP will approve this bio but figures it is worth a try (#AVPapproved). 

Chase founded Flight School Vball Events – a series of clinics and events that supports beach volleyball pros, connects communities, and helps people’s dreams take flight.