Irene Pollock

AVP Athlete Stats

Rookie Season N/A

Athlete Information

Hometown Fort Worth, TX
Height 6'1"
Birthday November 10, 1988

Formerly Irene Hester, she was an All-Conference player at Texas Christian University, and led the team in points, kills and aces. She went on to play indoor professionally in the top league in Switzerland and has finally made the full transition to the beach.

What is your favorite event location?
I have never played at the Austin event but that stop will definitely be my favorite! I am SO pumped to be able to compete in the lone star state in front of family and friends!

If you weren’t playing professional volleyball what would your job be?
If I weren’t playing professional volleyball I would want to be coaching collegiately. This sport is so special to me, I hope I always have the opportunity to share it with others.

What motivated you to pursue volleyball?
What motivated me to pursue volleyball is the comradery of the sport. I love how you truly have to trust each other and work together as a single unit in order to accomplish your goal.