Jeremy Casebeer

AVP Athlete Stats

Rookie Season 2013

Athlete Information

Hometown Santa Barbara, CA
Height 6'4"
Birthday January 3, 1989

Jeremy Casebeer grew up in Santa Barbara, CA, and first played beach volleyball at the famed East Beach. Jeremy was a 4-year letterman playing indoor at UCLA and led his team in kills and passing percentage his senior year. He also joined the UCLA Women’s Beach team as the Volunteer Assistant Coach in 2019. Jeremy is a 3x Best Server on the AVP and the Most Improved Player on the AVP in 2014. In 2019 he won his first AVP Tournament in Seattle. 

Jeremy spends half of the year in Rio de Janeiro with his family and also competes on the Brasilian Pro Tour in the offseason. Jeremy is going back to school at UCLA to earn a Certificate of Sustainability and is driven to bring sustainability into sports. In his spare time, Jeremy loves to be in nature exploring, hiking, surfing, taking photographs, and camping in his converted Toyota camper truck.