Kelly Cheng

AVP Athlete Stats

Rookie Season 2017

Athlete Information

Hometown Fullerton, CA
Height 6'1"
Birthday September 18, 1995

Kelly Cheng competed at USC on the beach team from 2014-2017, finishing with four National Championships, three All-American awards, and two Player of the Year awards. She started playing professionally immediately upon graduating from USC in 2017. In her rookie season, she won the AVP Chicago Championships with Sara Hughes, making her part of the youngest-ever winning team. In 2021, she and partner Sarah Sponcil qualified for the Tokyo Olympics and earned 9th place. Cheng and Hughes reignited their partnership in late 2022 and are ranked among the best teams in the world. 

Some of Kelly’s off-court passions include video games, anime, manga, cosplaying, and DnD. She’s thankful for her parents continued support and the gifts and strengths God’s given her.