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Hometown San Diego, CA
Height 6'0"
Birthday September 30, 1984

Kim DiCello was an outside hitter at Santa Clara, where she was a three-time first-time all-West Coast Conference Player. After graduating with a dual major in finance and religious studies, she played overseas in Holland and Indonesia.

DiCello made her AVP appearance in 2007. In 2013, she had her best AVP season and played in all 7 events, finishing 5th with partner Kathryn Piening at the AVP St. Petersburg Open.

2014: Kim DiCello finished tied for 5th at the AVP St. Petersburg Open with partner Tealle Hunkus. 

2015: DiCello formed a partnership with Kendra VanZwieten, advancing to four semifinals in their five AVP events. The duo placed second in Chicago in what was the first title match for both players. DiCello ranked second on Tour in blocks per set (1.13) and hitting percentage (.464). Internationally, DiCello played six events with Carico and five with VanZwieten, getting a best of ninth with each.

If you weren’t playing professional volleyball, what would your job be?
I actually do some work outside of the sport right now in the energy efficiency industry. I’m passionate about caring for our earth and public health, so I’m on a mission to encourage sustainable practices in the business place. Our planet is amazing and I love doing my part to show respect and care for it.  

What is your guilty pleasure television show or musical artist?
I take hip-hop classes and my favorite routine right now is from a Bruno Mars song. It’s possible I occasionally listen to that song on repeat to perfect my popping and locking. Despite my efforts I have a long way to go!

If you could only keep 5 possessions, what would they be?  
My slick new skateboard, my favorite bike (I brought it back from Holland, it’s a beauty!), my wedding band, my passport, and something that could be used to play music while I dance to my favorite jams.