Kim Hildreth

AVP Athlete Stats

Rookie Season 2018

Athlete Information

Hometown Novi, Michigan
Height 5'7''
Birthday January 21, 1991

Kim’s first intro to the sport was the 2009 AVP Muskegon Open; from then on she played beach during the summers. She got hooked on the creativity and skill she saw from the Lindquist sisters’ unconventional small-ball strategy. After four years as a setter at Eastern Michigan, Kim graduated in 2013 and went on to play one season of NCAA beach volleyball at the University of North Florida. After college, Kim found success in her second season on the AVP tour by becoming (at the time) the lowest-seeded team ever to reach an AVP Final in the 2019 AVP Austin Open – definitely her career favorite memory.  She also competes on the FIVB, where she and her partner were Silver Medalists at the FIVB Guam event. She was also Yard Olympic Spikeball Champion 2019 and Backyard quarter-court Olympic playoff Silver Medalist (fake news).

Kim wants aspiring players to know she wasn’t always the top player on her team and was often overlooked in her career. It’s not about your playing time, when you started, or your stats – it’s about finding people who believe in you, believing in yourself, and committing to investing in yourself and your passions. She has her own health coaching business, www.healthcoachingwithkim.com.