Lauren Fendrick

Player Information

  • Height: 6'1
  • Birthdate: March 20, 1982
  • Hometown: Carslbad, CA
  • College: UCLA

Best Finish

  • AVP: 1st (4 times)
  • International: 2nd
  • Overall: 1st (4 times)

Fendrick played collegiately at UCLA, where she was named an Academic All-American her sophomore through senior seasons as well as a team captain for her senior year. Fendrick was also a member of UCLA’s softball team her freshman yea when her team made it to the National Championship game. Fendrick also holds a J.D. from USC as well.

Fendrick made her first AVP appearance in 2003 at Tempe, AZ. Fendrick has victories at Cincinnati, Miami, and Huntington Beach. In 2013, she earned six top-3 finishes and seven top-5 finishes out of seven total events. Lauren is married to beach volleyball player/coach Andrew Fuller. Fendrick is teaming with Brooke Sweat for the 2014 tour season.
2014: Lauren Fendrick came in 2nd at the AVP St. Petersburg Open with partner Brooke Sweat.

Who are your role models?
My mom, Merle Fendrick — she is the most humble, hard-working, non-complaining, unconditionally loving person I know. She has a PhD in Mathematics, an M.D., can perform most car and home repairs, is a great cook, does her taxes (and mine!) and you would just never know that she is busy or stressed or trying to solve some complex problem, because she never complains and always has time for people that need something. An example… a couple of friends, my mom and I were at a cafe having coffee around a fire pit in downtown Carlsbad around the holidays a few years ago and this man who looked troubled and unstable approached our group and started getting in our faces. My first reaction was one of fear and a desire to move away from this individual, but she immediately went to him and tried to help him. She may have seen a condition in him that I did not, but that example of reacting to try to help the man instead of cowering in fear is one of the many examples of how my mom inspires me to be a better human.

What are your pre-game rituals?
I like to meditate, do some film review of the other team if time, mix up some electrolytes (preferably some Himalayan sea salt in some R/O water), do some pre-activation floor movements in my hotel room and then about 45-50 minutes before the match I head out to the sand to do my activation and warm up!

What is the most rewarding piece of advice you ever received?
This quote:

“When nobody else celebrates you, learn to celebrate yourself. When nobody else compliments you, then compliment yourself. It’s not up to other people to keep you encouraged. It’s up to you. Encouragement should come from the inside.” What you say to yourself IS how you gain confidence. It’s simple, it’s challenging, but it’s totally within your control! It isn’t about being untruthful or fluffy. It’s about being truthful and honest with yourself, while still working to improve. It means never letting other people’s opinions of you become YOUR opinion of you.