Madelyne Anderson

AVP Athlete Stats

Rookie Season 2023

Athlete Information

Hometown Palm Beach Gardens, FL
Height 6'2"
Birthday December 26, 2001

Maddie began her beach volleyball career at age 8 alongside her sister, both following in their mother’s footsteps. She grew up in Palm Beach Gardens, FL, and was home-schooled with her sister Cassie so they could travel all over the US pursuing beach volleyball. As a Floridian, it was only fitting that she attend FSU to pursue her athletic dream of playing line 1 at a dominating school. Maddie currently plays beach volleyball at Florida State University while finishing up her MBA and her last year of NCAA eligibility. At FSU, Maddie has 100 career wins for the Florida State Seminoles, finishing 3rd at the NCAA Championships.

She made her AVP debut in Huntington 2023 and earned a fifth-place finish after winning her way through Thursday’s Qualifier. In her first season, Maddie also earned a 3rd-place finish at Hermosa, making her a consistent Main Draw athlete. She also has 2 first-place FIVB finishes and a second place in a Dubai Challenger event. Maddie is committed to her Christian faith and loves traveling the world.