Megan Rice

AVP Athlete Stats

Rookie Season 2016

Athlete Information

Hometown Boca Raton, FL
Height 5'11"
Birthday February 26, 1994

Megan made her AVP debut in 2016 but had her breakout tournament when she made it from the Qualifier to the finals of AVP Hermosa Beach in 2019. She got her start on the beach in 2012, transitioning from indoor to participate in some local Florida tournaments with her mom. Megan graduated from the University of Florida with a degree in Mechanical Engineering, then played a fifth year of beach volleyball at Florida Atlantic University, where her 28 wins at the one-seed marked the most on the team. 

When she’s not playing volleyball, Megan is working at Sensormatic, her full-time engineering job, or rock climbing at a local gym in Florida. She loves scuba diving, reading murder mysteries, and rollerblading. She’ll also kick your butt at Dance Dance Revolution.