Miles Partain

AVP Athlete Stats

Rookie Season 2019

Athlete Information

Hometown Pacific Palisades, CA
Height 6'3"
Birthday December 18, 2001

Miles Partain grew up in Pacific Palisades, California. He started playing beach volleyball in 2012 (age 10) when he and his older brother Marcus signed up for a U12 CBVA tournament at Will Rogers State Beach. He played indoor volleyball for Pac 6 Volleyball Club, Palisades High School, and is currently a sophomore setter on the UCLA Men’s Volleyball team, where he is studying Applied Math. He also plays on the AVP Tour when UCLA is not in session. Awards include 2019 AVP Rookie of the Year, 2021 AVP Best Defensive Player by Volleyballmag.com, and two AVP awards in 2022 – Best Offensive Player and Most Improved Player. Partain won his first AVP – the 2022 Atlanta Gold Series – alongside long-term partner Paul Lotman. 

Partain’s favorite memory in the AVP is qualifying for the main draw at age 15 with his brother Marcus at the 2017 AVP Hermosa. He lost track of the score due to the new freeze rule and was unaware his last block won the match. His favorite players include Christian Sørum, Alexander Huber, and Casey Patterson. When not playing or watching volleyball, you may find him golfing, studying, hanging out with friends, or reading the Bible.