Reid Priddy

AVP Athlete Stats

Rookie Season 2017

Athlete Information

Hometown Richmond, VA
Height 6'4"
Birthday October 1, 1977

Reid Priddy is one of the most recognizable names in volleyball. He began his volleyball career at Mountain Pointe High School in Phoenix, AZ, in 1994. After 16 years of playing professional indoor, four Olympics, and two Olympic Medals, Reid switched to the beach in 2017 and has been going for greatness since. Reid’s skill, athleticism, and unrivaled motivation landed him with the coveted 2019 MBO title with Trevor Crabb. Reid, at just 45 years young, has always had the intention of being the second player to win a Gold Medal in beach and indoor volleyball (Karch Kiraly is the only one… so far). 

Reid has leveraged his lessons learned through beach volleyball in many different venues. He created InSand, a comprehensive volleyball-centric workout program for beginners and experts alike. He’s constantly in pursuit of greatness and expanding his knowledge, and he’s passionate about teaching others to do the same. If he weren’t a beach volleyball player, he’d like to be a Country Rock Drummer.