Sarah Schermerhorn-Murphy

AVP Athlete Stats

Rookie Season 2019

Athlete Information

Hometown Colfax, NC
Height 6'0"
Birthday November 23, 1988

Sarah grew up playing tennis like the rest of her family but found her love for volleyball in 8th grade. As a middle blocker, she played indoor volleyball at Elon University, where she wrapped up her senior season as captain and MVP, helping her team to become the SoCon Northern Division Champs. She got her first taste of beach in college when her conference put on a Spring SoCon beach tournament in her sophomore and junior years (before beach volleyball was an NCAA sport). She absolutely loved it. Sarah played three years of professional indoor volleyball overseas in Denmark and France. But once an opportunity presented itself in 2017 to train in Florida for the AVP, she decided to pursue it. The sport stole her heart back. Sarah placed second at AVP Austin 2019 and was named the AVP 2019 Rookie of the Year. She then took home her first FIVB medal, a Silver in Guam, in early 2020. 

Sarah spent her early years bumping into walls and corners or just falling down for no apparent reason. Despite coming from a pretty athletic family, her parents assumed her passions in life would be found somewhere outside of the sports realm. She also had a lazy eye, but once she was treated with a super cool eye patch and glasses, Sarah found her athletic ability and never looked back. When she’s not playing volleyball, she enjoys sailing the Tampa Bay with her husband Dak.