Sarah Sponcil

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Rookie Season 2018
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Hometown Phoenix, AZ
Height 5'9"
Birthday August 16, 1996

Sarah Sponcil started playing volleyball at age 6, but didn’t hit the dirt courts on the outskirts of Phoenix until age 8. She also played indoor, and after three seasons with the LMU Lions, she transferred to UCLA. During her two years with the Bruins, she helped lead them to their first National Title in 2018 and again in 2019. She just completed her 2nd season on the AVP Tour taking 2nd at the Gold Series in New York. She also competed on the FIVB Tour in 2019, where she and her partner Kelly Claes finished the season in 3rd place in hopes of competing in the Tokyo Olympics. 

Sarah is multitalented: she taught herself how to ride the unicycle, loves hand-standing, and is always finding ways to challenge her athletic abilities. When she is not on the beach, she is spending time with friends, grabbing Costco samples, and making Mendocino Farms food-runs. She is obsessed with Mexican food, specifically because of the free chips and guac. Despite being in the sand 24/7, she prefers shoes over sandals any day of the week.