Savvy Simo

AVP Athlete Stats

Rookie Season 2021

Athlete Information

Hometown Rancho Santa Fe, CA
Height 5'9"
Birthday September 8, 1998

Savvy grew up playing beach and indoor volleyball in San Diego, California. She pursued both beach and indoor volleyball at UCLA, where she won two National Championships with the beach program and was an All-American for both beach and indoor programs. After graduating from UCLA, Savvy played her first season of professional beach volleyball in 2021, where she qualified for the Atlanta and Manhattan AVPs. In 2022, Savvy earned a career-high 5th place in the New Orleans AVP with partner Toni Rodriguez. She also won an FIVB Futures event with Megan Kraft and earned 5th place in an FIVB Challenger event with Emily Day.

Savvy grew up on a small farm with horses, chickens, goats, dogs, and other animals. She also competed in western rodeos, where she did barrel racing, keyhole, pole bending, cattle sorting, and trail course. When Savvy isn’t playing volleyball, she loves to be outdoors, especially working with animals. Savvy’s favorite memory of her career was winning UCLA Beach Volleyball’s first National Championship alongside her partner at the time, Zana Muno.