Taylor Crabb

AVP Athlete Stats

Rookie Season 2015

Athlete Information

Hometown Honolulu, HI
Height 6'0"
Birthday January 26, 1992

Taylor was born and raised in Honolulu, Hawai’i, where he grew up playing beach and indoor volleyball at the Outrigger Canoe Club with his brother and other AVP mainstays. He went to college and played for Long Beach State, where he was a 3-time All-American and National Player Of The Year.  He played one year of professional indoor in France in 2014-15 after graduating. He then switched to beach in 2015 and had his breakout tournament with his brother Trevor, earning third at the 2015 MBO.  He’s now a 2-time MVP, 4-time best defender, and a 2-time Team of the Year, to go along with his 10 wins. In 2021, Taylor and Jake Gibb qualified for the Tokyo Olympics. Though Taylor tested positive for Covi-19 when he landed in Japan, he’s a bonafide Olympian. Now, alongside indoor phenom Taylor Sander, the Taylors look towards 2023 and beyond. 

Even when he’s not playing in professional tournaments or practicing for them, Taylor is at the beach playing volleyball with his friends. He also grew up playing basketball and snowboarding, so when he gets a chance to do those, he does. A fun fact about Taylor is that he worked at Subway in high school.