Tim Bomgren

Player Information

  • Height: 6'4"
  • Birthdate: June 1, 1987
  • Hometown: Woodbury, MN
  • College: Wisconsin-Eau Claire
  • Resides: Golden Valley, MN

Best Finish

  • 3rd

Bomgren played DII club volleyball at Wisconsin-Eau Claire. His younger brother, Brian, also plays beach volleyball.

What is your guilty pleasure television show or musical artist?
My answer depends if I’m watching with my wife or not.  With the wife it would have to be “Friends” and if I’m watching by myself it would be “Game of Thrones”.

Off-Season: Does it actually exist or is it just a myth?
Well, I live in Minnesota, a more valid question I get is…”Beach season exists?”  – So, yes, there is definitely an off season which simply involves more lifting and training than playing and reps.

What is the most rewarding piece of advice you ever received?
Some advice that I learned from my 8th grade basketball coach and transferred to my volleyball career: “Be quick but don’t hurry” – It’s just a quote that’s stuck with me for a long time and has proven to be very true.