Toni Rodriguez

AVP Athlete Stats

Rookie Season 2022

Athlete Information

Hometown St. Amant, LA
Height 6'1"
Birthday September 13, 1996

Toni played indoor volleyball at Louisiana State University and transitioned to beach volleyball in 2019, falling immediately in love with the sport. While at LSU, Toni attained three degrees over the course of seven years. Toni was the second-winningest pair at LSU with Ashlyn Rasnick-Pope. In 2022, Toni competed in two AVPs, finishing with a career-best 5th place in New Orleans with her partner Savvy Simo. In Toni’s first FIVB, the Australian Futures event, she won a bronze medal with Zana Muno.

In Toni’s spare time, she loves to cook cajun food for her California peeps. She loves coaching juniors on their way to their collegiate dreams and occasionally loves to bust out in song or dance.