Travis Mewhirter

AVP Athlete Stats

Rookie Season 2018

Athlete Information

Hometown Hampstead, Maryland
Height 6'3"
Birthday August 29, 1990

Travis Mewhirter is everything he did not imagine he would be. Raised in a small town in Maryland, Mewhirter majored in journalism at the University of Maryland and planned on a career writing mostly on football and basketball and little else. He didn’t touch a volleyball until he was 24 years old, when he happened across a fours tournament in Navarre, Fla. That begat a passion that changed his life. Now he’s still writing, only exclusively on volleyball — and he’s also playing beach volleyball, met his wife playing beach volleyball, launched a podcast on beach volleyball, and also commentates on beach volleyball. He has three top-fives to his name on the AVP, as well as four international medals.

On the odd days he’s not doing something revolving around volleyball, he’s either backpacking with his wife Delaney (also, you guessed it, a beach volleyball player), reading, golfing, or attempting to surf. Sometimes, it’s all of the above.