Zana Muno

AVP Athlete Stats

Rookie Season 2019

Athlete Information

Hometown Hermosa Beach, CA
Height 5'9"
Birthday May 13, 1996

Zana Muno, a Hermosa Beach native, grew up playing every sport you can imagine. After competing in soccer, track, softball, and volleyball in high school, she attended UCLA to play both indoor and beach volleyball, winning back-to-back National Championships in beach. Zana then began pursuing her dreams of being a professional beach volleyball player in the summer of 2019. She qualified for her first AVP in her hometown of Hermosa Beach where she also took her best finish of 3rd place with Crissy Jones. Since then, she has made 5 semifinals with 4 different partners.

Zana grew up in a family full of athletes; her mom Kim was a professional golfer, her dad a D1 football player, and her brother is currently pursuing professional baseball in the White Sox Organization. She is a mother to 12 chickens, whom she will gladly tell you all about, and spends all her free time in her garden. Zana also spices up the beach volleyball scene with chic and unique outfits.