Athlete's Corner:

2021 AVP Gold Series, Atlanta Open

Welcome to the AVP Gold Series, Atlanta Open. The below tabs should answer all event questions including registration forms, entry lists & seeding policies, competition details, player party locations, and more. Make sure to check back frequently for updates. If you have further questions that are unanswered in these sections, you can contact AVPPlayers@avp.com.

Thank you for your participation and good luck!

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Draw Per Gender

  • 16-team Main Draw
  • 10 Automatic Entries
  • 2 Wild Cards – AVP
    • Additional Auto Entries will be allocated if no Wild Cards are granted 
  • 4 Teams Advance from the Open Qualification Tournament
  • 2-day Qualification Tournament will be capped at 77 teams per gender
    • Four Qualification Wild Cards may be used, as outlined below

Qualification Tournament

  • Location = Rally Volleyball at LakePoint, 163 LakePoint Parkway, Cartersville, GA 30121
  • Single Elimination Tournament; 2 Phases;
  • Phase 1; Wednesday August 11; 10 Courts; 53 teams per gender; Advances 8 teams per gender to Phase 2; two referees to monitor all courts
  • Phase 2; Thursday August 12; 6 Courts, 32 teams per gender; Advances 4 teams per gender to Main Draw; all matches refereed by officials
  • Entry will be the following:
    • Top 22 based on AVP Ranking Points automatically placed in Phase 2 on Thursday
    • 2 Qualifier Wild Cards for Phase 2 based on Rally Southeast Series
    • Teams 25-77 will start in Phase 1 on Wednesday
    • 2 Qualifier Wild Cards for Phase 1 based on AVP discretion
    • Seeding for Phase 2 will be based on teams original overall Qualifier seed
      • Any Wild Cards given will not be seeded higher than 5th position in either Phase
  • Matches will begin at 7:30AM both days
  • Match times displayed on the Qualification bracket for the first two rounds, are guaranteed earliest start times. If your court is delayed or does not have a start time, your match WILL START 10 minutes after the previous match ends. If you or your partner are not present at the start of the match there will be a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY and will result in an immediate forfeit.
  • Court construction will be finalized on Wednesday, however, we will not have balls for teams to practice with, so if you wish to practice Wednesday please plan accordingly by bringing your own balls.
  • If you fail to show up to the Qualifier and are assessed a non-injury forfeit, you will be given a zero (0) points finish that will be applied to your AVP Points Ranking.

Main Draw Tournament

  • Location = Atlantic Station Courts, 241 20th Street, Atlanta, GA, 30363
  • Double Elimination Tournament
  • Friday August 13 — Winner’s Rounds One & Two
  • Saturday August 14 — Remaining Elimination Rounds through 5th place
  • Sunday August 15 — 5th place, Semi-Final and Final Matches

Player Apparel

  • Players shall comply with the apparel requirements set forth below.
  • All playing partners participating in the Main Draw are required to wear the same color swimwear.
    • This means the same color shorts for the men and the same color suits for the women. 
    • The apparel can be different in design and can be from any manufacturer but must be the same color such that it is clear the players are a team.
    • In the case of patterned swimwear, all colors in the pattern must match your partner.
  • If you have any questions, please contact AVP Management at AVPPlayers@AVP.com
  • Teams ranked in the top 16 should make reasonable efforts to have their names transferred onto their competition apparel. 
    • If a player would like to substitute a nickname or their first name for their last name (i.e, Rosie for Rosenthal), a player must submit their request for approval from the AVP office. 
    • The AVP reserves the right to disapprove any identification other than your last name.
  • Any team who fails to comply with AVP apparel requirements will be subject to a fine of $125 per infraction, with each subsequent occurrence increasing by $125.
    • Fines will be automatically deducted from the player’s prize money.

Prize Money

  • 13th place (4) - 336 team points = $2,600
  • 9th place (4) - 420 team points = $3,400
  • 7th place (2) - 518 team points = $5,000
  • 5th place (2) - 630 team points = $7,000
  • 3rd place (2) - 756 team points = $9,000
  • 2nd place - 896 team points = $14,000
  • 1st place - 1050 team points = $20,000
  • $100,000 per gender


Main Draw Hotel

AVP will be providing hotel accommodations for the Main Draw teams as outlined in the Player Handbook.

Embassy Suites – ATL Mid Town

290 17th St. MW

Atlanta, GA 30363


Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International (ATL)

Atlanta, GA 30320


Side Events