NCAA Women’s Volleyball Update

There were a lot of great matches this weekend for NCAA Women’s Volleyball! Read up on the upsets and close matches here: http://www.volleyballmag.com/articles/43488-ncaa-weekend-results   You can also see how the teams are ranked after this past weekend’s matches: http://www.ncaa.com/rankings/volleyball-women/d1/ncaa-womens-volleyball-rpi   (Photo cred: Volleyball Magazine)

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Volleyball in California vs. The Rest of the U.S.

When compared to the rest of college sports, volleyball could certainly be described as niche. For men, it has only been a Division 1 sport since 1970 and only since 1981 for women. Comparatively, Men’s Basketball has had a Championship since 1939, while Football has had one since 1936. Women’s collegiate sports don’t have the…

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