23 Things AVP Athletes Are Doing This Off-season That You Should Too

From traveling Continental North America to extra family time to staying in shape, these athletes are doing off-season right. You can too by doing these things to pass the time until AVP 2021.


1. Standing on the edge of the world like Jeremy Casebeer.

Misery Ridge, Oregon Trail

2. Exploring Canada like Melissa Humana-Paredes and Brandie Wilkerson.

Melissa in the Gulf Islands, British Columbia

Brandie in Banff National Park, Alberta

3. Road tripping like Sarah Pavan

Moab, Utah

4. Going hiking with family like Chase and Duncan Budinger.

Zion National Park, Utah

5. Taking the family trip you’ve always wanted to like Phil Dalhausser.

Sequoia National Park, California

6. Taking the family trip you do every summer like Emily Day.

Frye Island, Maine

7. Unwinding from three consecutive wins like April Ross and Alix Klineman.

April in Bitteroot Valley, Montana


Alix in Catalina Island, California

8. Only halfway get into water keeping most of your clothes on like Mark Schuermann and me.

Truckee River, Lake Tahoe, California

9. Fishing with your kids like Stafford Slick.

10. Celebrating your birthday with your daughter like Avery Drost.

11. Celebrating your birthday with gourmet doughnuts like Kelly Claes.

12. Cheering for your team like Emily Stockman and Gilbert.

13. Bonding with your brother like Taylor and Trevor Crabb.

14. Also bonding with your partner like Taylor Crabb and Jake Gibb.

15. Wearing matching denim jackets with your super cute baby like Lane Carico and Chaim Schalk.

16. Running a beach volleyball-based workout business like Reid Priddy.

17. Staying on your game like Nick Lucena.

18. Raising chickens like Zana Muno.

19. Starting a blog like Molly Turner.

20. Falling in love like Eric Beranek and Geena Urango.

21. Finishing your Master’s Degree (as a newlywed).

Crissy and Max Schoonderwoerd married on April 2nd. Soon after, she finished her Master’s in Public Policy.

22. Starting a family like Betsi Flint.

Baby Girl Flint due January, 2021

23. Growing your family like Aurora Davis.

Lakey Blaze Davis born August 6, 2020


Admittedly you shouldn’t do those last two until you’re ready, but still pretty rad AVP developments.