AVP Fan Spotlight: The WannaBes

Tune in to any Cleveland Browns game and it’s impossible to miss the fans sporting dog masks and hard hats, members of the infamous Dawg Pound. And consider yourself lucky if you’ve never had to try for a game winning free throw against the Duke Blue Devils, with the screaming horde of Cameron Crazies looking to derail your efforts. Every sport relies on their fans to keep things lively and encourage top performance, and the AVP is no exception. One group of AVP fans that always brings their A-Game to tour stops are The WannaBes.

It’s hard to describe The WannaBes, and even harder to miss them. Their website offers the following definition:

WannaBe is a lifestyle.  WannaBe is a vision. WannaBe is a pungent aroma that never apologizes for what it is.  WannaBe is the hope in the eyes of a small child when that child realizes you don’t have to be the best at something to enjoy doing it.  WannaBe is an ever-evolving tornado circling around a mystery. If you haven’t seen a WannaBe since yesterday, you haven’t seen WannaBe.

If you’ve ever seen The WannaBes at an AVP event, you know that description doesn’t even scratch the surface. Known for their outrageous outfits and their passion for the sport, The WannaBes turn every AVP tournament into a celebration. Guessing how they’re going to dress is harder than getting a shot past Phil Dalhausser. Whether it’s a crew of Colonel Sanders cheering from the sidelines, or an homage to The American Gladiators, complete with Pugil Sticks, The WannaBes’ carefully selected themes are as surprising as any upset on the court.

Here’s some of their recent looks as seen on the AVP tour.

For those of you looking to follow the WannaBe way of life, their website offers one final piece of advice:

Seriously though, a WannaBe is simply someone who can find joy in playing the game of life, not just in winning.  A wise WannaBe once said, “I may not have won the tournament, but I’ve never lost a party!” That’s our motto, though we may not win, we are going to have one hell of a time in whatever we do!

You can see some of The WannaBes’ other classic outfits on their Instagram or Facebook pages.

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