AVP Holiday Traditions

Our AVP family is quite the festive bunch. Read about our special memories and traditions for the holiday season.

Kim Smith, AVP Athlete
My family, which includes more than 80 people on both sides, celebrates Christmas three times. We first have the immediate Smith family open presents and make brunch on the morning of the 24th. Then my dad’s side discovers the true meaning of Christmas by stealing gifts from each other at our White Elephant that evening. The next day, Christmas Day, we drive to my mom’s parents house where 55 family members greet us with small gifts, competitive board games and ping pong, and a sprawling smorgasbord of Christmas dinner.

Mark Schuermann, AVP Announcer
After a few lazy hours of coffee, breakfast and presents, we’d draw straws for teams. Based on our adventurousness, we’d either bundle up and play best ball golf (Vegas is cold but dry) or go to the Santa Fe Station bowling alley.

Kelly Reeves, AVP Athlete
One of my favorite holiday traditions is watching the 24 hour marathon of the film “A Christmas Story” on TNT… and indulging in 2 pieces of my mom’s homemade pecan pie.

Kerri Schuh, AVP Athlete
Christmas is just another excuse to indulge in my mom’s cheesy potatoes! This year Christmas will be spent in Georgia to get some warmth and visit friends, so I’ll have to stuff my face with leftovers when I return.

Karissa Cook, AVP Athlete
We always do tacos on Christmas Eve for my dad’s birthday, and then we celebrate my youngest brother Kobi’s birthday on Christmas Day.