Updates for AVP’s 2020 season and the COVID-19 implications.

AVPFirst Offers Volleyball For All

At the AVP, we are lucky to be surrounded by the game we love. However, not every child and family has that opportunity. That’s why at the AVP we hold free Community Corner clinics each and every Pro Tour event, giving deserving children access to the sport and our pros.  Learn more and watch how AVPFirst is making a difference with the AVP.

AVPFirst is the nonprofit youth programming arm of the AVP Pro Beach Volleyball Tour. Tasked with creating access for all children, regardless of economic status or the neighborhood in which they reside, AVPFirst builds lasting partnerships with parks departments, school districts, housing developments, local municipalities and other nonprofit agencies to provide beach volleyball opportunities for youth. Through a series of free clinics, volunteer coaching education workshops, court construction projects and community leagues, AVPFirst is bringing the beach to the streets in neighborhoods all across the country.