At AVPNext, we love to see our athletes constantly improving and honing their beach volleyball skills. It is talented athletes within the AVPNext organization that will some day take their skills to the next level and play pro. Each year since our inception, we have seen an increase in the caliber of players we see competing on the courts.

This year was no different, as we take a look at AVPNext’s success in the 57th annual AVP Manhattan Beach Open from July 14 – July 17. This 32-team, double-elimination Main-Draw tournament was the biggest AVP event of the year. AVPNext teams worked tirelessly to earn AVP qualification points and a national ranking for entry into this iconic tournament where they would compete against the pros.

The Manhattan Beach Open’s main draw included 14 automatic-entry teams, two discretionary AVP Wild Cards, eight AVPNext Zonal winners, and eight teams from the Thursday qualifying tournament. In 2015, the best AVPNext finishes at the tournament were three 17th place finishes on the women’s side and two 17th place finishes on the men’s side. 2016 showed tremendous improvement. On the women’s side, we had one 9th place finish and three 17th place finishes. On the men’s side, we had one 9th place finish, one 13th place finish and one 17th place finish. We would love to recognize and congratulate all the players who competed so fiercely. We are excited to see even more improvement next year!

  • Southeast Women: Anne Osburn / Megan Rice = 9th
  • Atlantic Women: Katey Schroeder / LeeAnn Starr = 17th
  • Hawaii Women: Kaui Salzman / Rachel Sherman = 17th
  • Pacific Women: Bre Moreland / Jacqui Wood = 17th
  • Mountain West Men: Daniel Dalanhese / Joe Hillman = 9th
  • Midwest Men: Dan Buehring / Spencer Sauter = 17th
  • Pacific Men: Mike Brunsting / Chase Frishman = 13th