Updates for AVP’s 2020 season and the COVID-19 implications.

Everything You Need To Know About The 2020 VIP Ticket Sales

It may be the dead of winter and Lake Michigan at Oak Street Beach is frozen over (sorry, Chicago), but it’s the middle of summer in our mind 😍.  The 2020 AVP season will be here before you know it and it’s time to get back on our #BeachMode.

The schedule has been released and we’re returning to the eight cities that we have called home for decades. Our fans come out and fill stadiums time and time again, and this year, we expect nothing different.  Every AVP event is free to attend because the beach lifestyle is not something that has a price tag; and that’s one reason that makes our sport and our community so special.

General Admission will continue to be free in 2020 but we also have a variety of VIP packages available for fans who are looking to upgrade their weekend at the AVP beach.  There is only so much beach to work with when we set up shop in each of these cities, so our VIP packages are limited and on a first come, first serve basis…which is happening NOW.

If you’re interested in experiencing the VIP treatment with the AVP at any of our events this season, here is EVERYTHING you need to know.

When will VIP tickets go on sale?

All VIP packages will be available for AVP Members only on Monday, January 6th at 9am PST.  All VIP packages will be available to the general public 48 hours later on Wednesday, January 8th at 9am PST.

What is the deal with this AVP Members Only Sale and members getting access first?

It pays to be in the club!  One perk of being an AVP Member is exclusive access to the AVP Members Only Sale, which gives members the ability to purchase any VIP tickets for any events 48 hours before it’s open to the rest of the world.  VIP packages are limited so a 48-hour pre-sale certainly puts you in a good position to get the tickets you want.

I want access! How do I become an AVP Member?

To become an AVP Member, you simply pay $20 for an annual membership here.

What other perks come with being an AVP Member?

Along with access to the AVP Members Only Sale for VIP packages, you also get a discount of 20% on 4 CLUB AVP tickets for each event and 20% discount on AVP merchandise at every event and online.  Plus, with an AVP membership, you get additional discounts with AVP’s partners including Wilson Volleyball, DIG Magazine, Rox Volleyball, BreakWater shades, and more.  All this for only $20 a year!

How do I use my 20% off discount when purchasing VIP tickets?

Once you become an AVP member, log into your account here and you will find the discount code in your profile. When it’s time to purchase your VIP tickets, enter the discount code at checkout to redeem your discount. Remember, your discount code ONLY applies to 4 Club AVP tickets for each event- not Courtside Boxes or Cabanas. You are more than welcome to purchase more than 4 Club AVP tickets per event but the discount does not apply.

Do any events run out of VIP tickets?

YES!  It’s very common for VIP packages to sell out for almost every event we run.  Our Courtside Boxes seem to be the most popular and sell out the quickest. CLUB AVP tickets for Saturday and Sunday tend to sell out at select events as well.  So, don’t sleep on these tickets!

Do any events run out of VIP tickets before it’s open to the general public?

YES!  Last year, for the Championships in Chicago some VIP packages sold out within an hour while other VIP options sold out over 24 hours. Plus, the iconic Manhattan Beach Open sold out of select packages before it was open to the general public.  There is NO GUARANTEE the VIP tickets you want will be available when it’s available to the public on January 8th.

What are the different ticket options for the VIP packages?

Each event may be a little different in regards to VIP ticket options and amount of each but, AVP’s VIP packages are:

  • Courtside Cabanas on Stadium Court
  • Courtside Boxes on Stadium Court
  • CLUB AVP on Stadium Court

Okay, I’m an AVP Member but how do I get access to the AVP Members Only Sale on January 6th?

Monday, January 6th at 9am PST, all AVP Members will get an email with a secure and private ticket link for each event.  These links are not to be shared and if so, AVP has the right to make VIP ticket options unavailable for those members. To ensure you get your email, add Contact@AVP.com to your contacts so the email does not go to your spam folder.

If I’m not an AVP member, how do I get access to VIP tickets on January 8th?

All ticket links will be made public and will live at AVP.com/Tickets