16 Stops. $2 Million in Prize Money.

Summer 2022 just got a lot longer. The AVP Pro Tour is hosting sixteen unique and competitive events throughout the country this season. Veterans will have a chance to add to their legacy, and new faces will have the opportunity to make a name for themselves. No holding back. We’re bringing the passion and grit of the AVP to a beach near you.

2022 Schedule

New Orleans Open

May 27th - 29th
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Muskegon Open

June 11th - 12th
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Waupaca Open

July 8th - 9th
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Hermosa Beach Open

July 8th - 10th
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Atlantic City Open

July 23rd - 24th
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Fort Lauderdale Open

July 29th - 31st
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Atlanta Open

August 5th - 7th
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Manhattan Beach Open

August 19th - 21st
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Virginia Beach Open

August 27th - 28th
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Chicago Open

September 2nd - 4th
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Atlantic City Open

September 16th - 18th
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Phoenix Championships

September 23rd - 24th
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Huntington Beach Open

November 12th - 13th
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Clearwater Open

November 19th - 20th
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Ticket Information

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Event Tier Breakdown

The 2022 AVP Season will consist of 16 total events: 15 events across three different event tiers, with one Championship for the top 6 teams per gender to compete for the 2022 Season title.

Gold Series

  • $300K Prize Purse
  • 16-32 Team Draw Size
  • 3 Day Events
  • VIP Tickets and Enhanced Fan Experience

Pro Series

  • $125K Prize Purse
  • 16 Team Draw Size
  • 3 Day Events
  • Free GA, Limited VIP Ticket Offerings

Tour Series

  • $50K Prize Purse
  • 24 Team Draw Size
  • 2 Day Events
  • Free GA


  • $100K Prize Purse
  • Top 6 Teams Per Gender
  • 2 Day Event
  • VIP and Ticketing Packages