Hermosa Beach Open

Hermosa Beach, CA

July 7 - July 9

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Event Details

Our second SoCal event brought a storyline you would never have dreamed up. Days before the first serve, Savvy Simo called Hermosa native and LMU alum Megan J. Rice, asking to replace Savvy’s injured partner. Megan had never played in an AVP Main Draw and only got one practice in with Savvy. That’s how Hb 2023 started

Women’s Champions
Corinne Quiggle & Sarah Schermerhorn

2023 AVP Hermosa Beach Open Women’s Champions Corinne Quiggle & Sarah Schermerhorn

Savvy’s and Megan’s honeymoon phase was one for the books – they won every single match leading up to the Finals. Their undeniable chemistry stunned everyone (maybe even them) and it happened right in front of their two South Bay-based families. But the tried-and-true vets Corinne Quiggle and Sarah Schermerhorn pulled out the Hermosa Beach win, adding one more shakeup to an already dicey story in Hb. (Photo Credit: Lisa Dietrich)


Men’s Champions
Theo Brunner & Trevor Crabb

2023 AVP Hermosa Beach Open Men’s Champions Theo Brunner & Trevor Crabb

Theo Brunner and Trevor Crabb dominated the Men’s side, ending with their first AVP win as a team. Trevor had to beat baby brother Taylor twice: once in the final round of the Winners Bracket and again in the Finals. There’s nothing better than a Crabb Boil™; the tension between the two teams and the level of competitiveness ratchets up ten degrees, complete with stare-downs, taunting, and a few whispered (sometimes shouted) words that aren’t suitable for young ears. (Photo Credit: Bryan Malloch)


Speaking of young ears, thousands of Juniors played alongside the Hermosa Beach Open in two tournaments that ran before, during, and after the pros played. The youngsters got the chance to practice their craft and get scouted by college coaches, all while competing next to the pros they aspire to be. Hb 2023 Women’s Champs Corinne and Sarah even visited the beach on Monday after their victory to present trophies. You can’t get that kind of epic moment at any other Juniors event.





On July 7-9, 2023, the AVP Pro Series returns to Hermosa Beach – a town where beach volleyball is a way of life. Every athlete wants to establish their legacy on the incredible South Bay sands of Hermosa Beach. Our men’s bracket boasts some newly-minted partnerships and intense rivalries, and the women’s field may reveal to us what the future of the AVP looks like.

Make sure to stop by the AVP on-site shop for some fresh new summer gear and a chance to meet the pros on Friday and Saturday!

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Friday:  12:00 pm and 3:00 pm PDT
Saturday:  12:00 pm and 3:00 pm PDT

The action is non-stop from Friday through Championship Sunday on ESPN+, TSN+, and BallyLIVE

But that’s not all. The beach volleyball excitement goes on for a full week, with Juniors events starting July 5 and going until July 11. This summer the AVP brings the best of beach volleyball to Hermosa Beach for all ages and skill sets!

AVP Juniors National Championship

AVP Juniors National Championship
July 5-9

Located just north of the Pro’s, this four day event features the best Junior pairs in the US. Winners from each category not only get to play on the beach alongside AVP pros—they will be recognized on Stadium Court during the Hermosa Beach Pro Open.

US Beach Club Championship

U.S. Beach Club Championship
July 9-11

For the second year in a row, AVP hosts the US Beach Club Championship in partnership with USA Volleyball. This event takes place just after the Juniors National Championship for club teams ages 12 to 18, and is the only US club event to include boys.

Dates & Times

Friday, July 7th

Saturday, July 8th

Sunday, July 9th