There was a time not long ago when beach volleyball was a clear up and coming sport. Lots of TV coverage. Events all over the country and the world. Inclusion in the Olympics. Names like Karch KiralyMike DoddMike WhitmarshHolly McPeakMisty May and many others were on sports fans’ collective radars, beach events were weekend parties and the sky was the limit.

Somewhere along the way the business side of the AVP, the top U.S. beach circuit, didn’t match the growth spurt and bankruptcy followed in 2010. But to the great delight of a still very vibrant fan base, the league dipped its toes back into the sand with two events in 2012, seven last year and seven on the slate in 2014, beginning with the St. Petersburg Open, May 30 – June 1.

One of the stars who has bridged the nearly two-year gap is two-time Olympian — and 2008 Gold Medalist — Phil Dalhausser. The 34-year-old, 45-time AVP champion took a few minutes on Wednesday to speak with Sports Media Report about the direction of the league, his future plans and how fatherhood has changed his outlook.

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