Updates for AVP’s 2020 season and the COVID-19 implications.


We’ve all seen our favorite AVP athletes competing on the volleyball court, but what do they do with the rest of their time? Life Outside Of A Bathing Suit Part 13 gives you an inside look at what athletes are doing away from the beach. For more AVP pictures, make sure to follow us on our Instagram account.


Jennifer Fopma


@jenniferfopma#SpawnOfConover💙 Bowen Fopma Conover😍


Lauren Fendrick


@laurenfendrick: Mt. Tam – unreal scenery. Grassy Swiss type hills elevated above the tops of the clouds with a view of the ocean and the city… and some pretty great company (@andrewbfuller@willakenzi @stephsolich). ❤️ Thanks @derekolson and happy birthday!! 🎉


Kelly Claes


@kellyclaes3: So much appreciation to the @rosebowlstadium for allowing me to be a guest motivational speaker at their yearly Pasadena Unified School District Tour allowing hundreds of students to visit a historic stadium. Special shutout to @tyronhampton for helping with this event and being my hype man!!


Chase Budinger


@budinger10: That’s a wrap on AVP Next tournaments! Fun to have friends and family out to support- thanks @clintc0e and @seanrosenthal for helping me get a few points 😜! Next up/ HUNTINGTON! #avp #fivb


Lane Carico


@lanecarico: Weekend vibes☀️🏝🐶💛 #findingbalance #workinprogress


Emily Day


@emday6: He made it 🙌🏼 Fresh off the plane and straight to the gorgeous waterfalls 🌴 #grateful

Miles Evans


@milesevansbeachvolley: Happy Belated Easter! 🐇 Always good times with @reanna_hill ♥️ and family!


Whitney Pavlik


@whitney_pav: Always a great time when we get together…..gotta love friendship!! So much fun catching up with you today @garcelle!!💃🏼🥂


Jeremy Casebeer


@shakesbeer_: Easter egg hunt at Joatinga🐰🙌🏼✌🏼


Caitlin Ledoux


@caitlinledouxbeachvolley: Weekend road trip to Búzios, complete! New favorite place in Brasil and I can’t wait to go back 💛 #hammocklife #likealizard