Before Phil Dalhausser became an Olympic gold medalist and four-time USA Volleyball Beach Male Athlete of the Year, he spent his days playing Daytona Beach tourists for $20 a game.

“Because Daytona is a big tourist town, a lot of guys there think they can play,” Dalhausser says. “We’d play them, win an easy 20 bucks, go straight to 7/11 and get some Slurpees. Then straight to Taco Bell because at that time they had like 50-cent tacos.”

These days, many things have changed for the FIVB record-holder for consecutive match wins. The price of a taco has doubled, Slurpees are no longer part of his diet as a professional athlete, and the 6-9 Dalhausser is now making much more than $20 a game as a veteran preparing for his 12th professional season on the AVP tour which kicks off May 30 in St. Petersburg.

Edge caught up with the 34-year old Dalhausser to talk about the early days of his career, his new partnership, and all the awkward moments that come along with being the tallest guy in the room.

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