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The 2014 Volleyball Year in Review


What was the best moment of the year for volleyball?


Was it when the men’s volleyball team at Loyola Chicago won their first-ever NCAA title?

And then not too long ago the Penn State women’s volleyball team won their 6th NCAA title in 8 years.

Or how about when the USA Men’s National team won World League?

But then how could we forget about the USA Women’s National team winning the World Championship in Italy!


And that’s just indoor volleyball…


Remember when enough schools added beach volleyball as a sport to their athletic programs for the sport to be eligible to become an NCAA sanctioned sport?

Or what about the AVP season with Kerri Walsh and April Ross winning all 7 events?

Casey Patterson and Jake Gibb also had their taste at quite a few AVP titles.

But we can’t forget that Tri Bourne got his first AVP title! He and partner John Hyden also won their first FIVB event together in Berlin.


There are just too many great moments to name from this past year. Although, what can be concluded from 2014 is that the sport of volleyball is continuously growing. Not only is beach volleyball the fastest growing collegiate sport, but it’s also the most watched sport at the Olympics. Another year down, and another year closer to Rio 2016.


We are looking forward to another great year in 2015!

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