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1. For those aspiring pro beach players, what are your top 10 list of "DO's" and/or "DON'Ts" in reference to training, getting sponsored or just "making it"? -- Heather

give it all you've got!
learn that discomfort is where the growth happens
good footwork and a good attitude are vital in our sport. In all sports!
listen to your body & treat it well. Sometimes less is more. Sometimes double days are needed. Be mindful and purposeful in all you do.
fundamentals are KING!!!! Control before power.
play, play, play & play some more. Learn the nuances of the game through live situations.
watch & learn from the best. Then take what you learned and make it your own
be patient. Beach volleyball is not for the weak minded. Work hard, push yourself out of your comfort zone, work your way up ... It will be worth it! The AVP is back & will be better than ever! Trust me, you want this job ;)
essentials: a bag of Wilson AVP balls, a good sunscreen, Oakley shades, a hat/visor, a water bottle, cute suit. You'll be good to go!
set goals. Envision where you want to go and work like mad (and enjoy) till you get there.

2. When do you do your approach jump, when you take a second look or do you rely on your partner to call out the placement? -- Craig Telljohn

I obviously always prefer to see the court myself. Waiting and keeping the ball in front of me allows me to do this. Passing well helps this as well. Your partners call should be plan B, and it's important that she/he takes pride in giving good calls.

3. When Misty first asked you to partner up, what were your expectations? And at what point did those expectations turn into something more? -- Steve Karmazin

Our expectations were to be the best team in the world. Truly. From there we worked our buns off and gave our hearts to make that goal/dream a reality.

4. How do you stay motivated to stay on top and keep competing? -- Oren Zyndorf

I LOVE my job! I LOVE getting better! I LOVE winning! My heart is fully in it & this provides motivation & inspiration enough for me. I have so much more and so much better in me ... It's my job to always work toward the best I have to offer.

5. We know that you can't spike the ball on every play. What is the most difficult shot for you to execute? Jumbo shrimp, high line, cut shot or short dink over the block? -- Grant Johnson

For me, a good fast cut shot has been elusive. I will continue to work on this.

6. What kind of hope can you give a junior player hoping to make it professional later on in life? There isn't many junior programs and ways to make money. What would be your advise? Thank you :) -- Christian Honer

Work hard consistently. Master the fundamentals. If there isn't any programming around you be a pioneer ... Or grab your buds and play play play. Save your money and chase your dreams! NCAA is a DI and DII sport now. The AVP is back! Opportunity abounds!

7. How much time do you plan on missing this season, due to the expansion of your family? -- Mark Heller

Our baby is due early April. I plan on taking a month totally off then I will hit the beach, the Pilates studio and the weight room hard. I'll also be working on my mental game as that has been the toughest part of my "comebacks" thus far.

I will be playing this summer. When?!?!? I just don't know. I want to come back ready to win! That takes time ;)

8. What is your biggest pet peeve?? -- Charlene Gray

In sport: it's when I'm ineffective.

In life: tough one! People who manipulate ... Can not stand this!

Also, when people slurp or smack when eating. ;( yikes!