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1. Did you first take notice of Ryan Doherty? Was it during/after the match when he and Casey upset you and Phil? --Steve Karmazin

Yes, it was. I had watched him a bit while he was playing in Baltimore and had heard about this 7 footer before. Then he and Casey played great and beat Phil and I in the finals. Ryan loves more than anything to bring that into the conversation. :)

2. Do you still drive your Saturn, and if so, do you still keep your gold medal in the glovebox? --Marc Rodriguez

Yes, I do still drive my Saturn along with my SmartCar. I kept the medal in my glovebox for about 2 years or so but now it is in the house. :)

3. What is the number one characteristic an athlete should look for in a coach?

There is a lot to look for but if I absolutely had to pick one, I would say Attention to Detail. This to me means someone who must be knowledgeable of the sport in terms of technique and tactical skills, organized and be able to communicate his/her thoughts in a manner that the athlete can understand.

4. How tall were you at age 16? --Stefan Milosavljevic

I was roughly 5'4 at the start of my freshman year but at the beginning of my junior year, when I turned 16, I was closing in on 6 feet tall.

5. What was it like to practice and play with the greatest big man in the game today while practicing at east beach with the greatest view in your home town of Santa Barbara? --Brian Guajardo

Pretty tough to beat! :) As Phil always likes to say, "the beach is my office." Really doesn't get much better than that. The only thing I have ever wished for at East Beach was a good surf break. Jump in the water for an hour of surfing after a good hard practice would have been the only way to make it better