August 1 - August 2

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Event Details

The grand finale of the 2020 AVP Champions Cup Series starts August 1st!

The Porsche Cup will be made up of 8 Main Draw teams (per gender) — 6 auto entries based on AVP points and 2 teams from Friday’s Qualifiers.  Friday’s Qualifiers will be capped at 12 teams (per gender) based on AVP points & ranking. The Third Cup will be a $200K prize purse, and teams throughout the Qualifiers will be paid out.

While this tournament will crown its own champion & award them with the Porsche Cup, every match and every point matters because it will affect the team’s run in the race to the Champions Cup and the additional $50K bonus purse per gender. Outcomes from this final tournament will be crucial in crowning an ultimate winner! 

Be sure to tune into the action and watch LIVE on Amazon Prime Video throughout the weekend. We will be livestreaming on Amazon Prime Video starting at 8:00 AM PT with on-court interviews, commentary & analysis from Kevin Barnett, Camryn Irwin & Dain Blanton, and exclusive athlete segments.

For more information regarding the Champions Cup Series, Presented by Acer, check out our FAQ page and be sure to tune into NBCSN and Prime Video!

Dates & Times

Friday, July 31st


Saturday, August 1st

Main Draw

Sunday, August 2nd

Championship Rounds