The 2020 AVP Champions Cup Series

Due to the impact of COVID-19, the AVP has been forced to suspend the 2020 nationwide tour & all fan-attended events. However, pro beach volleyball is still coming to your living room with the AVP Champions Cup Series  Presented by Acer — three tournaments, three teams per gender crowned champions, only ONE team per gender with the ultimate reward of the Champions Cup.

2020 Schedule

The Monster Hydro Cup

July 18th - 19th
July 18 | 12:30pm PT
July 19 | 1:30pm PT
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The Wilson Cup

July 25th - 26th
7/30 | 7pm PT
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The Porsche Cup

August 1st - 2nd
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The Champions Cup & Bonus Prize Purse

While each tournament will crown its own champion & award them with the event cup, every team throughout the series will be striving to become the ultimate champion, earning them the 2020 Champions Cup & a slice of the $50K bonus purse.  The recipient of the Champions Cup will be the one team per gender with the best results across all three events.

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The Breakdown

Here is what you need to know and how to follow along as beach volleyball returns to the national stage.

  • All three events are in Long Beach, California and without fans
  • Each event is an 8-team, double elimination Main Draw tournament
  • The Main Draw is made up of 6 automatic bids based on AVP points and 2 teams from Friday’s Qualifier
  • The Friday Qualifier for all three events is a 12-team, single elimination tournament
  • Each tournament has a $200K Main Draw prize purse ($100K per gender)
  • On top of each tournament’s prize money, there is a $100K bonus prize purse ($50K per gender) dedicated for the race for the Champions Cup

The Race To The Champions Cup

Every event, every match, every rally counts because the Champions Cup is on the line!  Throughout all three events, the athletes will be competing for a $100K bonus prize purse, with teams being rewarded based on their average finishes among all events.

  • Team with the best finish (per gender) secures the golden Champions Cup & $25K
  • Team with second best finish (per gender) earns the Silver Cup & $15K
  • Finally, each team (per gender) with the third best finish in the race receives the Bronze Cup & $10K

Keep up with the race and follow along below.


What happens if there are two teams tied?

Here are the two-team tie-breakers: 1) Head-to-head results throughout the series, including Qualifier matches, 2) Head-to-head set ratio, 3) Head-to-head point ratio, 4) The higher result between the teams at the final event, 5) The team with a higher finishing position at either the first or second event, 6) Overall series set ratio, and 7) Overall series point ratio.

What happens if there are three teams tied?

The higher result in the final event breaks the three-way tie.


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Athlete 1 Athlete 2 Monster Hydro Cup Wilson Cup Porsche Cup Ranking For The Cup
Phil DalhausserNick Lucena1121.33
Taylor CrabbJake Gibb2232.33
Tri BourneTrevor Crabb3312.33
Athlete 1 Athlete 2 Monster Hydro Cup Wilson Cup Porsche Cup Ranking For The Cup
Alix KlinemanApril Ross1111
Sarah PavanMelissa Humana-Paredes3232.67
Sara HughesBrandie Wilkerson2353.33