Updates for AVP’s 2020 season and the COVID-19 implications.

AVP 2019 Hawaii Open: Event Guide

It’s the last AVP event of the 2019 season. *Blows nose and fights back tears*  While we cannot believe the season is coming to an end, we are excited to end on a high note on the tropical sand of Waikiki Beach. It’s been a hell of a year with new champions rising, but there is one more AVP trophy to be claimed. We have a 16-team Main Draw (details below on how this draw came about) with a $200,000 prize purse, so we know each team will put on a show and give us non-stop action from 8am to 6pm each day. The Qualifier kicks off Thursday morning, with the Main Draw running Friday to Sunday.

How did these teams qualify for the AVP 2019 Hawaii Open?

Unlike our inaugural Hawaii event in 2018, we decided to remove its ‘invitational’ factor and implement a qualification process for the pros. The 16-team Main Draw is made up as follows: 1 bid for the Huntington Beach Open champs, 1 bid for the Austin Open champs, 1 bid for the Seattle Open champs, 1 bid for the Hermosa Beach Open champs, 6 bids based on the best two out of three Gold Series finishes, up to 2 bids for AVP-given Wild Cards, and 4 bids from Thursday’s Qualifiers. Get the full list and details here.

On the men’s side, the AVP granted two Wild Cards: one to Tri Bourne (recovering from a broken hand) & Trevor Crabb and the other to Reid Priddy & Ricardo Santos. On the women’s side, no Wild Cards were used so two additional bids were given based on Gold Series’ finishes. However, we received news that Brandie Wilkerson had to remove herself from the Main Draw due to an international conflict. In a scramble to find a replacement, Sara Hughes has asked Allie Wheeler to step in.

Smaller Sponsor Village, Still Big Fun

If you’re attending this weekend’s Hawaii Open, we want to be honest with you. Sponsor Village will be smaller than what you’re used to if you’ve been to our Manhattan Beach or NYC events.  This is due to Hawaii literally being an island and sponsors not being able to ship products and activations over.  However, what is lacking in quantity, will be made up in quality! I mean, drinking a beer from Kona Brewing in the Kona Oasis on the Waikiki sand on a Hawaiian Island while watching one of the Hawaiian pros (Trevor, Tri, Taylor, Maddison, or Riley)?!? That experience cannot get any better.

Introducing The New AVP Game Ball, Optx by Wilson

This weekend, the world will get its first glimpse at the new official game ball of the AVP. Wilson makes the best ball on the beach but with this new ball, they have completely outdone themselves out of respect for the game and the athletes. Wilson has dedicated two years of research and resources to develop the best product possible. The result is the Optx, a ball designed with color variance to allow easier spin detection (which is enhanced with polarized sunglasses) so athletes can read, react, and dominate in diverse beach environments. While the ball is not open to the public for purchase until January, take the pros’ word for it and trust you’ll need this ball in your bag.

Your Oahu Recommendations From the AVP

Each event we like to give you recommendations on restaurants and bars in the area from AVP staff and AVP pros. For the Hawaii Open, we only asked our pros that were born & raised in Hawaii, and here is what we got.

Foodland Grocery Store: This is a grocery store and this is where you need to get your poke. It may seem odd ordering poke from your local grocery, but you’re in Hawaii and this is what the locals do. Just ask AVP pro, Tri Bourne.

Haleiwa Joe’s: Haleiwa Joe’s may be on the North Shore but it is worth the drive from Waikiki. Haleiwa Joe’s is a restaurant that impresses the locals but welcomes vacationers. Their pu-pu game is strong, so don’t be afraid of skipping the entrees and ordering everything from the app menu.  Emma’s Poke and the short ribs are two faves. Keep your eyes peeled for Jack Johnson and Kelly Slater, as we’ve heard this is one of their favorite restaurants.

O’Kim’s: This small, local Korean restaurant may have some hole-in-the-wall vibes, but the food is amazing and the restaurant has character!  Enjoy the confited pork belly brûlée or the seaweed salmon (both AVP staff favorites), and have a beverage on their great outdoor patio.

Goofy’s Cafe & Dine: If you’re staying at the Hilton Hawaiian Village with the rest of the pros and staff, this delicious breakfast/lunch spot is right on the property. Be careful though, if you hit this spot up early in your trip and order the Loco Moco, you may be there every morning.

Kona Coffee Ice Cream: This isn’t a restaurant. This isn’t a cafe.This isn’t a dessert shop. This is a flavor of ice cream you need to order ANYWHERE and ANY TIME you see it. You’re welcome.